How old must a dog be to Dock Dive?

  • All dogs must be at least 6 months of age to jump off the dock.
  • For any dogs under the 6 months of age we will work with introduction to the water and swimming.

Can I get in the water with my dog?

  • At this time we do not allow the handler to get in the water, although we can direct you to some other facilities that may be able to accommodate getting into the pool with your dog.

How many dogs can I bring to a private session?

  • We recommend no more than 2 dogs from the same household per private session.

Can I split my private session with a friend?

  • We currently do not permit the splitting of a session with another person and ask that all dogs be from the same household.
  • If you and your friends would like to book back to back sessions that can be done and our facilitators would be more than happy to help.

What can I expect on my first visit?

  • We will do a swimming assessment to determine your dog’s ability to swim.
  • Once your pup is confidently jumping from the ramp then we will introduce them to the dock.
  • We ask that you bring water for your pup, towels to dry them off, and their favorite floatable toy.
  • We do provide life jackets and we have some toys available if needed.
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